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Why “Projektemacher”?

In the past, “Projektemacher” (literally “project makers”) was a designation for people with daring to unrealistic ideas, sometimes weirdos and crazy people - in short, the term used to have negative meaning in the past. Nowadays, it has more or less lost its negative connotation, but since many projects revolve around historical materials, techniques, etc., this dubious association is definitely intended.

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If you want to read more about historical figure of the “Projektemacher”, I recommend the book “Projektemacher”, edited by Markus Krajewski, published in 2004 by Kulturverlag Kadmos, Berlin (ISBN 3-931659-56-9). Unfortunately in German only.


Projects have crept into our lives, slowly and unnoticed they just crept into private life from work at some point. Like a virus maybe, but at least like sticky chewing gum on a shoe.

That’s a myth that one can hear one quite often. If anything similar ever happened then this phenomenon is only about the fact that the term “project” might be used more often. Everyone has projects, plans and other ways of reaching goals. From home handyman to mother. Everyone has a role as a project manager in their own cause.

This page is an umbrella for some of my projects, that made it into a blog.


Since June 2021 there also is an Instagram channel, to presents objects from my collections and smaller projects.


Additionally to implementing more blog ideas, the older ones are scheduled to be migrated to GitHub / Hugo in the next few months. This means that new posts from serving blogs can also be displayed here.


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